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Without seeing the source material our best advice is to follow the style guidelines for each aspect you are quoting. So you would insert 1.  the author's last name, date of publication, and p. or pp. for the page number as you normally would for an indirect quote  2. use "" for the next portion of the sentence that is a direct quote or use a block quote if it is 40 words or longer and cite accordingly, and then 3. write the rest of the sentence ending with another indirect quote and cite that in text as outlined above.

If this situation is happening, you may want to reconsider your sentence structure. It may be better to reformulate your thoughts into one indirect quotation or a direct quote that captures the essence of what you want to share. It may be that the source material needs to be synthesized a little more rather than making the paper a series of quotes. The Academic Support Center has writing tutors that can help with this.

To refresh your memory, here is an example of how to do the in text citations in APA.


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