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You can narrow your search results in databases like EbscoHost's Academic Search Complete and others in a multitude of ways.

1. To begin you can add additional search terms to the search boxes at the top of the page. This will focus your results to the terms you included.

This search still gives me 2,700+ results. I want to narrow it further.

2. Next you can look at the Subjects associated with articles that are coming up. These are the official terms that Ebsco (or other databases) say the article is about. These terms are usually not just common terms. Copying and pasting terms or adding new ones to your search can also help narrow.

Now I am down to 330+ results. Better but not perfect yet.

3. At this point you can use the "Refine Results" area on the left hand side of the screen. This will let you change an article's publication date and narrow down to a certain type of publication (like peer reviewed/scholarly sources).

Now I am only getting peer-reviewed articles from the last ten years. I know that these will be great articles. And I got my results down to only 168.

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