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Usually this happens when you copy and paste the URL at the top of your screen while you are in a database, thinking you can get back to your search results that way. This will only save your search string for a short time, it is NOT a stable or reliable way to return to a specific article or resource. To reliably return to a resource:

  • Use the Permanent Link (Permalink), which usually has a chain symbol next to it. This is a permanent link you can always go back to. See the attached document for step-by-step instructions on finding and using the permanent link for a resource.
  • Create a log-in and sign in when you start searching a database and save articles to a folder. All EBSCO databases offer this feature and so does Opposing Viewpoints and ArtStor.
  • Many databases will allow you to use that same log-in to save your search history as well.
  • If you are not going to store or capture link information, create and save a rough draft of resource titles, preferably with author information and the database name, publication year, volume and issue (if it's a journal) included, so that you can find the item again.

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