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Here are instructions for Word 2016. We also cover this in a video tutorial located here.

The following instructions apply to Word 2010 and 2013.

To insert page number

  1. On the Insert tab, within the group Header & Footer, click the Page Number drop-down and then point to Current Position. From the Current Position sub menu, select Plain Number (see below image). Word inserts a page number at the cursor position for the first three pages.
  2. Subsequently, change the page number format to Roman numbers.
    1. Select the page number that has been inserted.
    2. On the Insert tab, within the group Header & Footer group, click Page Number and then navigate to Format Page Numbers.
    3. On the Format Page Numbers dialog box, select Roman numerals from the Number Format drop-down list.
    4. Word replaces the integer numbers with Roman numerals as pages i, ii and iii.

See the following image:

insert page number

                    3.  Now, place cursor at the Footer section of the fourth page. Then, on the Insert tab, within the group Header & Footer, click the Page Number drop-down and then click Current Position drop-down list and select Plain Number format. Word will insert page number starting with number.

Note: If you do not want your cover page to have the page number, do the following:

  1. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click the arrow button on the right bottom corner. The Page Setup window appears.
  2. Select the Different First Page check box.
  3. Click OK.


Comments (2)

  1. We also cover this in a video tutorial located here:
    by Walsh Library on Apr 09, 2019.
  2. To restart the Arabic number (or normal page numbers) from page 4, the following step is missing. This step should be placed just before the image. Step 5. "Insert a page break from Layout -> Breaks -> Next Page" Thank you. The edit is now included in our instructions. KAdams, Walsh University Library
    by DK on May 05, 2021.

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