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Historical Fiction from the Ancient World dealing with the worship of Isis:

- Apuleius in The Golden Ass (according to something I read, (There is a large section of Isis speaking in Book 11, Chap 47)

- Ovid (Metamorphoses book IX – Click here for the Sparknotes summary

- Propertius – has poems about Isis


Primary Sources on Isis worship:

-   Plutarch's de Iside et Osiride – available on OhioLINK.  Look for the English translation (1970)


Primary Sources from/about Egypt:

- The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East, Volume 2, Egypt.  Available as a book through OhioLINK or as a PDF online

Ancient records of Egypt : historical documents from the earliest times to the Persian conquest / collected, edited, and translated with commentary by James Henry Breasted – 5 volumes, available through OhioLINNK

- Texts from the Pyramid Age by Nigel C. Strudwick – Walsh Ebook

The ancient Egyptian coffin texts [edited & translated by] R.O. Faulkner - available through OhioLINK

- Manetho (Egyptian priest from Ptolemaic period writing about Egyptian history.) - English translation by W.G. Waddell. Available through OhioLINK

Don’t forget artwork and pottery from that time period counts as a primary source as well!


Good secondary sources:

-  The cult of Isis among women in the Graeco-Roman world by Sharon Kelly Heyob

- Isis among the Greeks and Romans by Friedrich Solmsen

- An Examination of the Isis Cult with preliminary exploration into New Testament studies by Elizabeth A. McCabe

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