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Click here for detailed instructions on this procedure using PowerPoint 2013 and 2016.

For version 2013, first open the PowerPoint presentation you wish to print.

Add any additional speaker notes by scrolling through the slides and typing into the bottom text box.

Click the "View" tab at the top of the screen. Click the "Notes Page" button on the left of the ribbon/toolbar below the tab. The view changes to a full-page view where you can see both the slide and the speaker notes associated with it.

Click the "File" tab and select "Print" to open the "Print" dialog.

Pull down the menu under the "Slides" header, which defaults to "Full Page Slides." Click the "Notes Pages" button. An image of one of the speaker notes pages fills the right third portion of the screen.

Click the "Print" button to print one copy of the speaker notes or nudge the "Copies" box up to the number of sets to print.

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  1. Thanks a lot! :-)
    by sanjana on Jan 20, 2015.
  2. Thank you for posting. I really needed this.
    by Kitty on Apr 07, 2015.
  3. You are brilliant!!!!!!!!!
    by Penelope on Jun 26, 2015.
  4. Thank you so much!
    by Lorraine on Sep 29, 2015.
  5. Thank you so very much!
    by Erica on Apr 21, 2016.
  6. Thanks a lot, it helped
    by Abdul on Jun 07, 2016.
  7. Perfect thanks
    by H on Aug 30, 2016.
  8. I had no idea it was so easy! Thanks heaps. QB
    by Queen Bee on Jul 05, 2017.
  9. How about submitting powerpoint online to professor with speaker notes? How can he see my notes?
    by Pguy on Oct 25, 2017.
  10. @ Pguy - If you send the PowerPoint file (a .ppt or .pptx) the speaker notes should also be there.
    by Katie Hutchison on Oct 29, 2017.
  11. thanks ! its now so easy !!!
    by kamal on Jan 15, 2018.
  12. Ok, I can print the note pages and I have some graphics I need to have on every page (i.e. company logo and other stuff). If the notes go longer than a page, they print over the graphics on the second page. Is there a way I can set up my notes master so that they will still print properly without covering the graphics?
    by TravelDiva on Feb 27, 2018.
  13. @TravelDiva - can you delete the graphic before printing? I don't think there is any other way. If you are Walsh University student, faculty, or staff, you're welcome to stop by the reference desk and we can see if we can work something out in person.
    by Katie Hutchison on Feb 27, 2018.
  14. @Katie Thank you. I'm not affiliated with the university. I came across the thread doing a search for answers. In regards to deleting the graphic, we need to have the graphics there; however, I was hoping there was a way to have the additional points rollover to the next page into a specified area, like we can on the notes page set up. It's okay if it can't be done. We'll work around it. Appreciate your prompt response!
    by TravelDiva on Feb 27, 2018.
  15. Thank you Katie for having posted this. This was the first answer that popped up in my Google search, and was just what I needed!
    by Tom Birkland on Jun 19, 2018.
  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you - the night before the presentation - a real sanity saver!
    by Jennifer Sullivan on Aug 21, 2018.
  17. When printing the slides in notes page view, several of the pages have the notes to the right instead of the bottom. Is there a workaround for this?
    by Sandra on Sep 14, 2018.
  18. @Sandra - what PowerPoint program are you using? Stop by the Walsh U Library and we'll try to figure it out with you.
    by Katie Hutchison on Sep 17, 2018.
  19. Awesome. I was recently given a chance at a higher position and I needed this help. Thank you
    by Jennifer A Chambers on Aug 01, 2019.
  20. Thank you so much!
    by MJ on Sep 03, 2019.

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