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For detailed instructions with examples open the documents and links below. The instructions will vary depending on the version of Word you are using, so select the appropriate option.

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  12. Please, how do I insert page number and a write up at the same time in a footer? Each time I try, the word replaces the number and vice versa. I need the word at the footer to appear in all the pages, while the number should appear chronologically. Thanks.
    by Fredosky on Aug 25, 2019
  13. @Fredosky When you go to insert a page number into the footer, use the format option in the Header/Footer Tools to insert the page number in the footer. From there, use either the tab key or backspace key (depending on the number position) to add text. If you need more detailed information, please stop by the library at any time!

    by Alyssa Mitchell on Aug 26, 2019
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