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YouTube videos are copyrighted to the person who created and then uploaded them onto YouTube.  You can link to another person's YouTube video, but you should never re-upload it or claim it is your own.  Some YouTube videos can contain copyrighted materials (such as a clip from a television show) and those who upload this sort of media can get into trouble.

Using a flipped YouTube video in TedEd is totally safe because it links to the original video.

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  1. I am a disabled composer and writer. I have never submitted copyright my stuff as I think that having it played years ago and urging it on YouTube and SoundCloud and Facebook I am proving that it is my own work. I used to play in disabled orchestras and belonged to scope and the RND. I am deaf with CP. I only have debit cards and don't trust these new publishing companies. Can you please advise?...
    by Janet cattier on Dec 24, 2017
  2. @Janet cattier - I recommend you speak with a lawyer.
    by Katie Hutchison on Jan 02, 2018
  3. I have a question, if I add music to a youtube video will I get in trouble?
    by Floofers on Mar 01, 2021
  4. @Floofers - Unless you own the copyright to the music, it would very likely be breaking copyright to post this content. Many have done so on YouTube without getting into legal trouble, but it is technically not allowed. *Note* I am not a lawyer and this does not constitute legal advice.
    by Katie Hutchison, Walsh U Library on Mar 02, 2021
  5. I run a podcast, where I feature spoken word poems and motivational speeches. Most start as video on YouTube. Then I extract the audio and insert it to my podcast along with a spoke introduction by me and an outtro. I credit the YouTube source, where I found the poem or motivational speech. I also link them in the description. Is this copyright infringement?
    by Drea on Jan 05, 2022

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